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Why women cry during S-E-X?

women cry during S-E-X

It is common for women to cry during sex but the big question is why?In most cases, people associate crying with sadness or pain however during s-e-x, crying can be a totally different emotion.

Women cry during s-e-x because it is a way of showing appreciation of the moment.

Some people cry when they are happy and these tears are called “tears of joy”, this feeling is the same feeling women have during s-e-x. There are other several reasons women cry during s-e-x , here are a few:

She is in pain.

A number of women have admitted to feeling pain during s-e-x but not being able to open up to their partner and letting them know that they are hurting them.

Some women feel that by letting their partner know that they are in pain, they will hurt their feelings

Her emotions are all over the place.

It is a known fact that besides sex being physical, it also triggers a lot of emotions.

Imagine having s-e-x and you are going through some emotionally stressing situations that you cannot even block out during s-e-x? The tears will definitely flow.

She has had a bad experience before.

If a woman has had a bad experience with s-e-x in the past, having s-e-x can trigger those emotions while having s-e-x.

Crying during s-e-x can be embarrassing for some women but there are ways one can try to overcome this feeling.

Try controlling your breathing during s-e-x.

Controlling your breathing can help you relax and therefore help you enjoy the process.

Breathing exercises can also help by letting the mind relax and making it easier for the body to take charge of the sensation.

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