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Drama As Hunter Checking His Traps Finds Friend’s Wife Bonking Another Man


A hunter found his friend’s wife having s_x with another man in the bush when he went to check on his snare, a local court has heard.

Thomas Sankisha had gone to the bush in the evening on October 23 to check if any animal had been trapped only to find Loyce Magodi, 26, and her boyfriend, Philimon Zimba, 28, having s_x.

Sankisha said when the two saw him drawing closer, they got up and started running but he told them to stop because he had already seen everything they had been doing in the bush.

Sankisha was testifying in a matter in which his friend, Ephias Magodi, 30, sued Zimba for adultery.

“I am a hunter. I usually go to the bush to check on my trap.

Surprisingly on October 23 I saw Loyce seated on Zimba’s laps. The two were kissing and cuddling each other. I hid behind trees to see what was happening. Minutes later they started having sex and it was at this point that I appeared.

Upon seeing me, they almost scampered but I told them there was no need,” he said.

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