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Wife Of Stolen Husband By Maria ZedFarmer Speaks Out



Maria and Mubaba

Read unedited;
Mubaba Phiri Writes:

MY SIDE OF THE STORY…I wish to give my side to this story that has gone viral at this point its absolutely necessary. Justin and i have been married for 9 years. Like no marriage is perfect ours was no exception. For most of his flaws he would make up for them with lavish holidays and expensive gifts. I met Maria Zileni zaloumis at LICS as our kids attend the same school and are classmates.We soon hit it off on a business level and later became friends. She spoke about her surviving an abusive marriage and making it on her own.

I was inspired by her story and drew closer to get mentorship. Our kids often did sleepover dates and it was on one of these dates that my husband asked me why my friend was texting him and asking after our daughter. I was quick to think my phone was off but it wasn’t.

I later confronted her and discovered she got my husbands number from our 7year old daughter, earlier that day that we had had a conversation in which she told me she called me telling me she needed to pray for me because she sensed my marriage was in danger and that i needed to fast for a day…i confronted her that i was uncomfortable with her communicating with my husband and we hushed it out as ladies. Fast-forward on the 15th of September. I went to collect my daughter’s jersey and shoes she had left at Maria’s house. Upon arriving i noticed my husband’s car in the driveway and my heart skipped!as i approached the house. My husband’s eyes met mine through the window and at that point i came out of the car and started shouting and screaming maria closed the doors and called the police. She gathered herself and came out of the house while my husband stayed in the house.

There was no remorse in her tone and she insulted back at me. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me she was my friend and he was husband that pretended to love me i felt betrayed and taken for granted at that point i felt so much rage and pain thats how we got into a physical fight. I was then arrested while nursing my broken heart. It was at this moment that i decided that i would file for a divorce.

Maria paid me a visit the following morning and to my further dismay she insulted me and threatened that she would press the assault charges and have me arrested. She also claimed she was pregnant and was getting married to my husband and many other things…my heart was numb with pain and i was deep in thought throughout the whole episode.I was released on bond. More than anything i am deeply disappointed in my soon to be ex-husband and the woman i looked up to as a mentor. I feel betrayed and i am hurt but i have many family and friends that are holding my hand through this painful experience.

I spend time in prayer and meditation and God has been my comforter in the midst of it all. To my fellow women be careful with the company you keep and trust only God Almighty. It is well. I rest my case.

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