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Wildlife officer trampled to death by an elephant during an educational tour

AN officer from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife has been tromped to death by an giant, leaving his body crippled during an educational stint of 43 pupils in the Kafue National demesne.

It’s believed that Happy Kasonde aged 36, the now deaceasd saw an giant near the road and asked the pupils to get off the machine so that they could see the wild beast at close propinquity.
Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the departed still, didn’t know that the giant had a shin and so it charged at the pupils and they ran back on the machine, as the deaceasd fired shots in an attempt to stop it.

Mr Hamoonga said the giant continued to charge at him until it tromped on him, leaving his body crippled.
“ Mumbwa Police Station entered a report of an Elephant attack in which Happy Kasonde was tromped upon and killed by an Elephant. This passed on July,2022 at about 1330hours in Kafue National Park Chunga area, Mumbwa. ”

“ Data are that 43 pupils from Jemis academe from within Mumbwa went for an educational stint in the Kafue National demesne being attended by a Department National Parks and Wildlife officer Kasonde Happy, when he saw an giant near by the road on Chunga road, he got off the vehicle and called the pupils to get off the machine to the near copse to view an giant, not knowing that, the beast had a shin and it charged towards them, the children ran back to the machine as he was firing shots in an attempt to stop it, but it continued charging until it tromped on him maiming the body, ” he said.
He added that the academy machine was driven off the scene leaving the officer under attack.

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