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Will Smith bungee jumps over Grand Canyon to celebrate his birthday

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Will Smith, with his hands on his head and a grin across his face, described bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon Tuesday as being nothing short of “spectacular.”

The actor decided to ring in his 50th birthday with the thrilling feat after a dare was issued to him earlier this year by the YouTube group, Yes Theory, Variety reported. Smith reportedly decided to take part to help promote awareness for Global Citizen’s education efforts.

And Smith used his YouTube page to stream the experience for the world to see.

The video captured the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star as he was lifted into the air, standing on the chopper’s side. Minutes later, after a countdown from five, the video showed him spring backwards with his arms out wide.

Screams from onlookers on the ground, and seemingly Smith himself, were heard as he soared through the air.

The video showed a close-up shot of Smith’s family and friends, including former co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, cheering him on. The same bunch later hugged him after he was back on the ground.

“Nothing. Nothing will ever be scarier than that. It goes from complete, absolute terror to the most magnificent bliss you’ve ever felt in your life,” Smith said, before quipping about being “happy the cord worked.”

“And I don’t know what it is, when the cord works – first of all, you happy the cord worked, right. Then it’s like the whole Grand Canyon is mine,” he said. “I’m just kinda hanging there and the choppers far away – you’re not really hearing it – it’s like just bliss and it’s like nobody will ever have that view. It’s like me and the Grand Canyon, it’s like that combination. It’s almost like you need terror to experience the bliss.”

“It’s spectacular. It’s spectacular. It’s spectacular,” he exclaimed before adding that he “would definitely do it again.”

The actor took to Instagram in the hours before the jump, sharing a photo of his “squad.” Some commenters seized the moment to wish him a happy birthday, while another said they were the “coolest family.”

“My Squad holding me down for my big 5-0. We’re gonna start live streaming on my YouTube soon, link in bio #willsmiththejump,” the caption said.

The daring jump drew at least one celebrity viewer – Queen Latifah.

“Happy 50th birthday to my amazing friend Will Smith and good luck, I will be watching you jump out of that helicopter!” the actress wrote on Twitter.

source: foxnews