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Winter tips for farmers

5 farmers arrested

Livingstone District Cooperative Union Chairperson Rwinnick Mapanza has urged vegetable farmers to start watering their gardens in the evenings as opposed to mornings and during the day.

Mr. Mapanza has told ZNBC News in Livingstone that watering in the evenings will protect vegetables from withering during the cold season.

Mr. Mapanza says the last rainy season saw the country record abundant rains; a situation that is translating into low weather temperatures compared to other cold seasons in the last few years.

He says watering in the evenings will prevent the vegetables from withering because there will be fresh water on the leaves throughout the night.

Mr. Mapanza says farmers can also put up heaps of fire in their gardens at night as smoke prevents frost in vegetables.

He urged farmers especially those who have gardens on the banks of streams to take the message seriously to protect their vegetables against the harsh weather.

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