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Witch doctor rapes Chinsali woman and bolts with K1,400 after she went seeking help leaving her unconscious in the guest house

A Witch doctor only known as Singogo from Isoka in Muchinga fiefdom is on the run after he allegedly ravished a 45- time-old woman of Chinsali quarter who he allured to a guest house.

The witch doctor is believed to have promised to help the woman reclaim her misplaced wares after she went to seek him for help.
Police have since launched a man quest.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says that the incident passed on Saturday at a named guest house in Sunset Township of Isoka quarter.
“ detail data of the matter are that the victim who’s a business lady lost apparel wares and decided to consult a witch croaker
who latterly claimed that the stolen particulars were at a named lodge where they went with a view of recovering them. whilst there, the indicted performed his rituals and latterly prepared a drink and gave the victim to consume. After drinking, the victim come unconscious and the suspect took advantage of the situation and ravished her, ” he said.

He said at around 1500 hours, the victim gained conscious and called for help from the guest house attendant who came to her aid and upon checking her plutocrat, she discovered that a total sum of K1, was missing from her bag.
“ We’d like to advise members of the public to always report matters skirting on crime to the police or indeed other law enforcement agencies as opposed to reporting to persons who end up abusing them. examinations into the matter are on- going, ” he said.

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