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Social Media slams Tino Chinyani for exposing his s.e.x messages with Simz Ngema

Simz Ngema and Tino Chinyani

Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinyani are the best celebrity couple surprise of 2020, and because of Mr. Chinyani and his outspoken nature we are slowly getting all of the juice.

The multi-facetted entertainer, Tino is the media personality to participate in the now-viral how-it-started versus how-it-is-going challenge. His first post was an appetizer for the real tea that we were all waiting for, with Tino showcasing his start in the entertainment and modelling industry. Before, he was the man with the toned chest that could use one hand to pick up Candice Modiselle; it turns out the Tino was Mr. Monash. Now Tino joins the likes of Boity Thulo, who also did attend Monash despite having to drop out.

The warm up truly laid the stomach for what he revealed next, which was what we all wanted to see. The subsequent post showcased how Mr Chinyani managed to get singer and actress, Simphiwe Ngema. Through the viral challenge, it is becoming apparent that most celebrity relationships seemed to start with a great slide into the DMs. But, honestly, sometimes it cheesy but knowing that it comes from a man like Tino, or Prince Kaybee, would you not be smitten if they said Zola was a unique name?

But as we are coming to learn about Mr. Chinyani is that man does not do things, half measure. Instead of the recommended two picture posts, Tino said he is going for full marks by sharing the total four posts. And there might have been more for him to add, but thanks to Twitter and that four limit post for images that is all we could get.

The thread seems to suggest that the two had already been eyeing one another, and Simphiwe decided to share an image that only he could see in the DMs. The two were at the same event, but clearly they waited until it was just them and their cellphones before throwing bones, emojis and suggestive tweets to assert that they both believed that love, and other things live where they went to be.

A quick google search lets us know that the images were from the Cruz Vodka South African Fashion Week in October 2020. The thread suggests that the couple have been together for less than a year, and already have a child together that is just over two-months old. We could assume a lot, but the point is that the two are currently having a whirlwind romance, and who are we to judge?

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