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Woman catches cheating Husband, breaks all the windows to his car – Video

Woman breaks hubby's car

A video has gone viral on social media of a woman who is breaking all the windows and windscreen of a car. The woman who is clearly angry is seen in the video breaking first the front windscreen then proceeding to all the windows.

She has a few boulders by her feet and she is using them to make sure all the windows on the car are broken. The car that had windows broken is a Toyota Allion registration number – BAG6871ZM and it was parked in town.

We took it upon ourselves to investigate what’s happening and the news shocked us all. Apparently the man who owns the car is the husband to that angry wife.  So what happened was, the husband lied to the wife that he was going out of the country on business yet the man was still in Zambia and having a blast with his girlfriend.

Upon finding out, the scorned wife took the matter into her own hands and thought of destroying the husband’s car. We surely hope the man is insured because that bill is going to be a big one. Watch the video below and it all unfolded…

Would you say she was wrong to break the car like that? How do you think she should have handled this issue? Clearly it’s not the first time that the husband has lied about going away on business.

In Other News – Front line Nurse in Covid-19 Fight speaks out

When everyone else is running away from the dangerous pandemic, this brave nurse has to run towards those infected and help take care of them. Below is a story from one of the nurses who are on the front line of this Covid-19 fight…

Am Florence Miti, am a registered nurse midwife by profession, now currently working from Levy Covid-19 centre.

When I was told to report here, it was scary, I saw it as a death sentence, but then I thought to myself if I don’t come and work here then what! Since coming here that fear is no longer there, especially working as an incharge where you have to be a pillar for others and encourage others to stay strong and soldier on in the end you find your own fears are suppressed. Read More on these Covid-19 Heroes