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Woman fights thief after snatching her bag and cellphone – Video


Using a cellphone in public has become a risky exercise. Tsotsis have been using new tactics to steal people’s expensive smartphones.

They look out for victims who are not paying attention in public and using their phones at the same time. They then snatch the phone and jump into a car parked nearby and make a run for it.

But for this tsotsi, things didn’t go according to plan. He met his match.

In the video, the man can be seen jumping a fence and going straight to a family that seems to be having a chat in a park.

The man then tries to grab a woman’s bag and cellphone, and makes a run for it, but the woman was having none of it.

During the altercation, the bag fell to the ground, but it seems he had run away with the phone.


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Cornelius Mweetwa

Mr Mweetwa said this during a media briefing adding that he will dedicate his time to make sure UPND and President HH forms...learn more

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