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Woman narrates how her 3-year-old baby died while hubby was marrying another wife


My 3-year-old baby passed away on the 14th of December. We decided to bury him on the 18th. On the 17th of December, I got a call that my man got arrested and the person hung up before I could ask for more information.

We buried my child without him. He only came on the 19th and told me it was a wrongful arrest. I took him to our child’s grave and we cried together. He told me he was going away on business for a few days.

A day after he left I got a call from his ex that on the day we buried my child my man was getting married. The business trip he told me about was actually his honeymoon. He married the girl I once asked him about and he told me she was his distant cousin. I sent him a long text telling him I know about his secret and that I was deeply hurt. He blue ticked me. What kind of a father misses his son’s burial? Why do men do this to us? The pain I’m feeling right now is deeper. I’ve been with him since 2016 and he married someone he met in June.

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