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Monday, July 26, 2021

Woman trends after showing off her two husbands – Pictures

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This lady took to IG to talk about her marriage she calls Polyamory.  She is married to two husbands and has two kids for each one. They all live together and all have other girlfriends and so does she. She counsels other people ad earns a living too from training people who want to be uninhibited and live freely especially those wanting to explore themselves sexually without inhibitions. She has been married to the fair man for 24years! The dark one is hubby 2

She says 👇

LISTEN folks – I am happy to talk to you about the systems we utilize to make our polyamory work! This is what we do, we are the best in the world at taking folks over the bridge from the Western conundrum of monogamy to the NEW EARTH polyamory!!!
Join one of our SIX powerful Adult Initiations this year, we begin September 21 – if you want to discover what it means to have multiple partners, how to conduct yourself, or even if you want a more harmonious monogamous union – this is the PLACE – PLA babe!!
In one of her posts she says ” why did our parents misrepresent marriage and partnered child rearing leaving us riddled with expectations that are impossible to attain? We have been duped by monogamy!”

In Other News: Zambian socialite Mrs Kennedy arrested

Zambian socialite cum blogger Ms Kennedy has been arrested ZED GOSSIP can confirm.Mrs Kennedy has been arrested and currently detained at Kabangwe Police post. She has been charged with the offence of...learn more

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