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Woman uses 5 condoms per day as lotion, claims the oil makes her skin glow and smell nice

Woman uses 5 condoms per day as lotion, claims the oil makes her skin glow and smell nice

A young woman uses the lubricant from condoms to moisturise – and she said it makes her skin glow! The 24-year-old from Philippi, Cape Town, told Daily Sun condoms also made her smell nice.

“I have been doing this for the past three years and it works for me. I smell nice because I use flavoured condoms,” she said.

“People always ask me what lotion I use because they see my skin is smooth, but when I tell them I use condoms, they laugh.”

It’s awful to walk around smelling like condoms,”

When the SunTeam visited her house recently, she had a shower before opening five condoms and rubbing them on her body.

She said some of her friends had also started using her trick.

Her 21-year-old friend said since she started using condoms last year, she realized they work. “I never want to stop because they make my skin glow and have a nice scent. I save a lot as I don’t buy lotions,” she said.

The 24-year-old said she came up with the idea after hearing about elderly people using condoms to rub their joints to lessen arthritis pain.

She showed the SunTeam boxes of condoms she got from a nearby hospital.
However, one of her neighbours said she thought it was disgusting.

“It’s awful to walk around smelling like condoms,” she said.

Byron La Hoe the department of health’s spokesman said:

“Condoms are distributed and made available with the sole purpose of promoting safe s.e.x and to prevent s.e.xually transmitted diseases.”


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