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Woman with HIV marries negative man and gives him 3 negative kids

Thirteen years on ARV and happily married with three negative kids, thus Nikita’s testimony she wrote on her Twitter bio.

She said HIV is no longer a death sentence it used to be and now the pharmaceutical industry is developing pills that can be taken once in three months. The ARV themselves have become more effective to such an extent that the virus load becomes undetectable.

She also lost her mom due to HIV and when she was tested for HIV she went into denial thinking that it will go away one day. But as he began to take ARV her health started improving significantly, her doctor advises her of the mother-to-child prevention pills which gave her hope that she can conceive kids safely. Her partner is also negative as he takes PrEP medication.

She has since become an HIV activist educating people on how to live a healthy life while being positive. She said that the main challenge with people living is a good diet and high-stress levels.


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