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Women demand Sean Tembo recant his disrespectful “menstrual cycle” remark and issue an apology.

The non-governmental Gender Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has denounced the offensive language used by Sean Tembo, the leader of the opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP).

Mr. Tembo unexpectedly compared the monthly fuel modification to women’s menstrual cycles in a recent facebook post.

According to NGOCC president Mary Mulenga, efforts by certain concerned women and stakeholders to talk to the opposition leader have been minimized, undermining the important part that women play in the nation’s development.

She claimed that not only is Mr. Tembo’s illustration insulting and humiliating, but it also openly insults women.

“We expect our politicians to be gender sensitive even as they conduct their politics,” she said.

The comparison of monthly menstruation cycles to fuel revisions, according to Ms. Mulenga, is an insult and a mocking of the physical attributes of women, which they are forced to accept.

“As a women’s movement we demand that Mr. Tembo to retract his offensive and insulting post and apologizes to the women and citizens of this country. We would like to reiterate our appeal to politicians to practice issue-based politics devoid of insulting, sexist and demeaning language on any gender.

As a national leader and one aspiring to the highest office of the nation, it is our considered view that Mr Tembo would conduct himself as a role model for women, men, girls and boys alike,” Ms Mulenga said.

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