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Friday, September 17, 2021

Wonders shall never cease, teenager caught sodomising 10-year-old boy in Kitwe

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A 13-year-old boy of Kitwe has been arrested after being found having s_ex with a 10-year-old boy against the order of nature.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Mr Elias Chushi said the incident happened on yesterday (Wednesday) in a stream near the 16 feet area in Kitwe and the act was witnessed by two female passerbys.

“Police in Wusakile received a report of sodomy which was reported on 27th January 2021 around 14:18 hours, but occurred around 12:00 hours in a stream near 16 feet area in Kitwe. In which Scolastica Musonda 37 of T125 Wusakile Township, Kitwe reported that her son aged 10 of the same abode was sodomised by a juvenile aged 13 of Wusakile Kitwe.

The incident was witnessed by Ireen Situmbeko and Mary Ngosa both of Chifubu, Ndola as they were walking along Kitwe-Ndola dual Carriage Way,” Mr Chushi stated.

“The witnesses saw the suspect having s_ex with the victim against the order of nature (Anal S_ex) and went closer. The children around then disclosed that the suspect has been abusing them for sometime now. It also came to light that one other male Juvenile aged 10 was also s_exually abused against the order of nature earlier today (Wednesday), shortly before the other boy’s encounter.”

He stated that the victims complained of a painful anus. “Medical report forms issued and victims escorted to Kitwe Teaching Hospital for medical examinations. The suspect has since been arrested,” Mr Chushi stated.

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