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YALI claims falsified drugs story an act of sabotage

Source: Lusaka Times

The statement that the Government through the Ministry of Health is dispensing drugs that are substandard and falsified medical products that may harm patients and fail to treat diseases is an act of sabotage, says the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

In a statement issued by YALI Legal and Governance Advisor, Isaac Mwanza said the statements attributed to suspended Pharmaceutical Association of Zambia President Jerome Kanyika is not only alarming but an act of sabotage calculated to send panic into the Zambian public who are consumers of medical products.

“Those careless remarks are also aimed at creating doubts among cooperating partners who are supporting the public health service delivery in Zambia,” said Mwanza

Mr Mwanza has advised responsible media houses to avoid the temptation of being accomplices in sending panic among patients especially that Mr. Kanyika himself acknowledged that no quality tests have been done to confirm that the drugs are substandard, falsified, or toxic.The Young African Leaders Initiative salutes UNPD for the spokesperson appointment

“It is irresponsible to try and portray that President Lungu is leading a government that wants to poison its own citizens with expired drugs,” said Mr. Mwanza

He said his organization is not surprised with a sustained negative campaign against President Edgar Lungu’s administration, especially one targeted at the Ministry of Health, during the COVID-19 pandemic period when health professionals are doing their level best to deliver services.

“This sabotage is a continued narrative to discredit the award of a tender to Honey Bee Zambia which has been going on as if lawfully registered entities without limited liability cannot be awarded government contracts tender,” said Mwanza

Mr. Mwanza said there was nothing legally wrong with the tender to a registered entity such as Honey Bee Zambia and has since called on the Ministry of Health to become proactive in giving Zambian assurances of the safety of medical products and conduct tests whose results must be made public.

Source: Lusaka Times