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Meet the Yande’, Iris Kaingu’s Bestie

Have you ever heard the saying, birds of the same feather fly together? That seems to be the case here hot girl befriends another hot girl situation. Yande is a lady of many qualities, apart from looking sizzling hot this Zambian babe is also an international lawyer. Talk about beauty and brains huh.

Check out the pictures of the beautiful Yande.

See yourself when nobody else does, Honor the journey even when you feel you walk alone, Hold your joy tightly in your hands and become who you wish to be. 👼🏾💫


Zambian honey 🍯🇿🇲


What vibes do you emit – what energy summarizes your existence? When you enter a room do people’s faces light up at the positive rays of energy you radiate or their faces cast down with gloom at the storm you bring with you? Instead of carrying all that emotional baggage with you in hopes that you can pass it on to somebody else, take it down and come into your light 👸🏾✨ ( we will discuss my lemonade braids later 🍋🍋)



Don’t let my lack of a crown fool ya 👸🏾


Iris and Yande
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