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ZAF commander’s heroics at an accident scene impresses Zambians – Video


The sound was loud and could even be heard by those within a miles radius.
Quickly scampering to the source of the heart-wrenching noise, it didn’t take a genius to realize it was that of a car flipping over multiple times.

Motorists and passers-by quickly rushed to see what they could salvage and those brave enough, jumped into the drainage to pull out the mother and Children who we’re stuck in their steel-coated, five-seater automobile.

But despite the crowd, to one who keeps a sharp eye, what was out of the ordinary was the sleek red-maroon ish Toyota V8 VX which stopped by and a man wearing a polo shirt and smart pants stepped out.

Different from his usual camouflage suit and boot-wearing attire, no one recognised that this is the Kaonde-speaking, non-indigenous-looking, blue-eyed Commander of the Zambia Air Force.

Unescorted and with no security detail, the former boy scout quickly took control of the situation and began to give guidance to those rescuing the victims.

In what can only be described as true leadership, it is no wonder that he was selected as a school prefect within just 3 months of joining the school.

His guidance led to the successful rescue of the victims who escaped with minor injuries.
The 8 medal sky-flying man instantly took the victims in his car and while this was happening, it was then that people realized who he was, Lt. Gen Collin Barry.

A little too late, as by then, the LC 200 sized wheels of his car we’re already in motion heading to the direction of the Zambia Air Force City Airport base.

After today’s incident, one would have no doubt why this man was chosen to lead a pact of the defence force which demands discipline and a clear demonstration of leadership.
Today, the Solwezi-born man showed excellence in humanitarian and leadership skills.
Kudos Barry!!

  • This happened around 17:00 hrs along Nangwenya Road at the curve between Muvi Tv and the University of Zambia – UNZA.

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