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Zambezi Magic’s #ZUBA came and stole our hearts!

Zambezi Magic’s #ZUBA came and stole our hearts!…. It is just amazing how ZUBA has become a household name in Zambia and beyond. Since Kabanana Zambia had not had a Television show exceeding the heights Kabanana set till now. Airing on Zambezi Magic Channel 160 on DStv, Monday to Thursday at 20:00, this show has become everyone’s favourite.

Some have criticized this show acting ashamed saying they use fake accents and a lot of stuff about it being dubbed the first Zambian Telenovela. Well, the ordinary Zambian doesn’t really care about such technicalities we will leave that to the critics, at the end of the day it’s about entertainment and the show is delivering in that category.

Zambezi Magic Zuba


Like one famous in the entertainment industry, Sean Carter, once said: “Men lie, Women lie but numbers don’t”. Hate it or love it but Zuba is the number 1 trending topic on twitter and also the most watched Zambian Television show at the moment.

The story of an innocent, rural teenage girl who had to leave her family & education behind after being promised a designer job only to do a maid’s job at a complex, wealthy urban family. She falls for the young son of the house, this show is evolving and has an addictive script.

I heard one say once you go ZUBA you never go back lol. With such a talented cast from Frankie V Cox, Mwaka Martha, Makuza BMak Mazzuki, Thandi Vundamina and Elkanah Luam this show is definitely a must watch. Let us know your thoughts on ZUBA our very own telenovela!

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