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Zambia and Angola Pen Deal For Refined Petroleum Pipeline Project


Zambia and Angola have signed a Memorandum of Understanding -MoU- to facilitate private sector Development and Implementation of the Refined Petroleum Multi-Product and Natural Gas Pipeline Project – AZOP- which will stretch from that country to Lusaka.

Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA, who signed on behalf of the Zambian government, described the MoU as a milestone in facilitating the Angola-Zambia Oil Pipeline.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at Sana Luanda Hotel, Mr. NKHUWA commended Basali Ba Liseli Resources Limited, the promoters of the project, for the proactive initiative.

The Minister disclosed that once constructed the pipeline will be producing 100,000 to 120,000 barrels per day of refined petroleum products along hubs to be established in Angola and Zambia.

Mr NKHUWA further added that the AZOP pipelines system will also have a gas pipeline expected to be supplying Natural Gas to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants to be located in Angola and Zambia for the production of electricity.

He added that the project is also expected to employ about 12,500 to 14,500 local people in Angola and Zambia during construction.

And Angolan Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas DIAMANTINO AZEVEDO said his government was happy to partner Zambia in facilitating the project.

He said feasibility studies once conducted will determine the cost of the project and when actual construction will commence.

And Zambian Ambassador to Angola LAWRENCE CHALUNGUMANA, expressed happiness with the signing ceremony as it showed the countries growth in bilateral relations.

Mr NKHUWA and his delegation has since returned from Angola following last night’s signing ceremony of the MoU.

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