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Zambia Breweries to Invest for the Long Term

Zambia’s good administration and improved upholding of the rule of law, according to Abinev, the parent company of Zambia Breweries, have drawn the company to make long-term investments.

The corporation is the biggest manufacturer of beer in the world and has operations in 50 different nations.

According to MICHEL DOUKERIS, chief executive officer of Abinev, his company is increasing operations in Zambia, creating jobs for the local populace.

According to him, the increased investment will also benefit nearby farmers, who will be hired to supply raw materials.

Additionally, according to HH, the business should make sure that small-scale farmers are included in the supply chain.

In addition, HH requested that the business provide best practices for dealing with harmful illegal beer.

President HICHILEMA met with World Bank President DAVID MALPASS earlier.

This occurred in New York at the UN General Assembly.

The International Development Association (IDA) confirmed during the meeting that it intended to give Zambia 750 million US dollars for programs in health, education, and social assistance.

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