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Zambia Drivers advised not to travel to South African until Situation Improves

Zambia truck Drivers

Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya has advised Zambian Bus and Truck Drivers not to travel to South Africa until the security situation improves in that country.

Mr Kafwaya has also advised drivers already in that country to park their vehicles in safe and secure designated places the authorities may recommend in that country until the security situation improves.

Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

He said the Zambian government will continue to engage the South African government to ensure measures are put in place to guarantee the safety of Zambian truck drivers who may be in that country. Mr Kafwaya said this will be done in line with bilateral road Transport Agreement between South Africa and Zambia on security and safety.

The Zambian Mission in South Africa on 26th January issued a travel alert to Zambian truck drivers not to travel to that country owing to threats on the lives.

Looting in foreign owned shops in South Africa has continued with two trucks set ablaze so far as South Africans continue demanding the removal of foreigners who they claim are getting their jobs.

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