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Pan African Parliament pays tribute to Zambia for being one of the hospitable countries

Pan African Parliament

The Pan African Parliament has paid tribute to Zambia for being one of the hospitable countries to migrants on the African continent.

Vice President Chief Fortune Chakumbira says Zambia has set good example of a country that practices ubuntu by providing equal employment and economic opportunities to migrants that have settled in the country from other countries.
Mr Chakumbira, who is also a Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe said Zambia has not given up on hosting migrants despite being a victim of hostile military attacks from neighbouring countries during the liberation struggle in the region.

He thanked Zambians for accommodating foreigners and living in harmony with its neighbours. Mr Chakumbira further paid tribute to Zambia for being a pioneer of multi-party democracy on the continent.

He said the peaceful transition of power from the UNIP government in 1991 to date has set a good example to other countries.
Mr Chakumbira said Zambia has done well in her democratic dispensation owing to the peaceful transfer of power from one President to the other.

He has since urged Zambians to continue doing the good work it’s known for.

Mr Chakumbira was speaking on the sidelines of the Commemoration of World Refugee day held at the Pan African Parliament building in Midrand, South Africa.

And Zambia’s Acting High Commissioner to South Africa Maynard Misapa has called on Africans to find solutions to their problems.


He said there is need for leaders together with their followers to come together and find permanent solutions to the Continent’s problems.
This is according to a statement issued by Naomi Nyawali, the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa.

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