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Zambia to experience Tropical Storm

The Zambia Meteorological Department says Zambia is expected to experience a tropical storm that will last for five days.

Meteorological Department Director Edson Nkonde says the Tropical Storm called ANA, will see the country recording the highest rainfall pattern this season which will cause floods and distraction of trees and buildings in most parts of the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr Nkonde said the Ana Tropical Storm has been recorded in the eastern part of the country and is expected to spread its effects to the central and southern parts.

He added that by the 31st of January, the storm is expected to move to Neighbouring countries but leaving its effects of high rainfall in Zambia.

Mr Nkonde has advised the general public to get continuous updates on the storm.
He has further urged citizens to avoid standing under trees but stay indoors and avoid crossing flooded places to as they risk being swept away by its current during this period.

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