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Experience the Beauty of Wildlife with Zambia

Zambia is the home to several national parks and this one its own should tell you that it means the wildlife here is like no other. It is in Zambia that you can see the beauty of nature and at the same time get to experience the beauty of wildlife as you do so. That being said, allow us to mention a few of the amazing animals that you can see when you visit Zambia.

Animals You can see in Zambia

African Elephants


When we talk of the great wildlife and the animals that you can see in Zambia, we also include the great African Elephant. In fact, the largest species of African elephants roam freely in the national parks of Zambia. Namely, these are South Luangwa, Lower Zambia, and Kafue.

Like human beings, elephants live in close families. The “family members” are always close to each other. Such that spotting one, automatically means that the rest of the herd is not far behind.

White Rhinos

White Rhino was at some point on the brink of extinction, like good car breakdown recovery, Rescue Kings came to the aid of motorists. And as for the White Rhinos, the Zambia Wildlife Authority relocated four to Mosia-oa-Tunya National Park. And today a herd of over 10 are heavily guarded.



Unlike most kings, the lion, who is the king of the jungle, does his own hunting. And as such, it easy to catch of him as he does so. This is unless the lion is spending time with his pride. To make sure that you at catch sneak peek on the lion and the pride, make sure to visit South Luangwa and Kafue National Park. You may even be lucky to catch a pride of lions climbing trees as they relax.



Hippopotamuses are also part of the animals that you can see when you decide to visit Zambia. These are semiaquatic mammals that spend their time cooling of fin the water. To see them, just make sure you visit South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, and Kafue. However, please be warned as these are very territorial in the water. Therefore, if you a few warning snorts, that is time that you should leave.



Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, and you see them in Zambia. There is a subspecies of giraffes that are called the Thorneycroft. This giraffe is unique to Zambia.  Just like how good road service with Rescue Kings is unique to Zambia.


The best time that a peak at leopards is during a night safari. This is because leopards are very shy and very elusive as well. Therefore, the best time that you can see them is at night.



When it comes to zebras, there is safety in numbers. That is why the herds can range from 20 to even 100 or more. This so because for the predators this a very tasty meal. Therefore the best way that they can protect themselves is by being in numbers. And you can easily see them in South Luangwa.


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