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Zambia will supply power to Zimbabwe.

According to the government, ZESCO will begin exporting 100 Mega Watts of electricity to Zimbabwe starting next month as part of a $6.3 monthly agreement.

The agreement with Zimbabwe’s electricity firm, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, or ZESA, would last for five years, according to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA.

He claims that prepayment by Zimbabwe for the 100 Mega Watts that will arrive from Kafue Gorge Lower was a fundamental tenet of the discussions for the power import agreement between ZESCO and ZESA.

The Minister claimed in a statement published on his Facebook page that Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a severe power crisis that has been made worse by low generation at the Hwange and Harare thermal power plants.

He claimed that the loss of one Kariba Power Station unit, which generates 125 Mega Watts, also contributed to the power shortage.

According to Mr. KAPALA, ZESA presently produces about 1,200d Mega watts of power at its five power stations, falling short of the peak demand of 2,100 Mega watts throughout the winter.

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