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Zambian Artists Celebrate A New Paying Music Platform

#OOTD -Mampi queendiva & Macky2

Music piracy and free downloads from third-party sites have really caused a headache for Zambian artists who depend on legal downloads for their bread and butter. Thanks to a new platform that has been recently introduced, this will be a thing of the past.holstar

Holstar, whose real name is Duncan Sodala, together with other fellow Zambian artists are sighing a sigh of relief thanks to Mvesani, the latest innovation in the Zambian entertainment industry.

Often regarded as a pioneer and music legend in the Zambian hip-hop industry, he has been at the forefront of promoting and providing opportunities for fellow Zambian artists. He values everything that has to do with social justice and advancing the right of musicians, so it comes as no surprise that he would celebrate this.

“I’m just happy to see Zambians buying albums on a Zambian platform and its not small numbers!

A win for one person is a win for everyone.”

Holstar is rightfully doing so, since the release of his hit album Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto, his fifth studio album and the title directly translates to “the passing of the torch” which is something he has always been passionate about in his career. Not forgetting his home country, Holstar features notable local talents such as Tim, Solomon Plate, Muzo Zarahni, Luwizzy, Olimba, Kaladoshas, Thanel, Young Willy, Jayqe and Natasha Chansa. His song with Natasha Chansa, Back against the wall, is the most streamed song on this magnificent album.

“The most streamed song on #KNYM this week is Back Against The Wall featuring @TashaChansa cc @Spotify @spotifyartists”

This will benefit other artists as well who obviously face the same issue and there it is indeed a win for everyone, it’s no surprise that others celebrate the new platform too. Slap Dee’s much-anticipated album that is currently doing well since its release and the fact that it dethroned Chef 187 confirms how much of a success it is. Chef 187 is one of Zambia’s biggest rising hip hop stars of the last decade. He is an award-winning rapper who lived in the Copperbelt Province, which heavily influences the music he writes and performs and was motivated to be a musician after saw the success and family support for his older brother Macky 2, one of Zambia’s biggest hip-hop stars.


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