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Zambian Celebrities With Degrees

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Think Zambian celebrities don’t have a love for school? Think again! It’s exciting to note that we have celebs with a passion for academic education, with some even being Degree and Masters holders. We look at some Zambian stars that took a leap into the creative world and decided to follow their passions and dreams in the entertainment and creative industry, after putting on the graduation gown, and with degree in hand. Jump takes a look at some leading creative minds in the industry that took different routes and have ended up landing in just the right place.


Renowned artist and poet, PilAto has a diploma in copy writing and later went on to study Filmmaking and socialism as a system governance. He formally moved to the music industry in 2010 and since then, his successful career and powerful music has given him multiple awards and a fan base across Africa and Europe.

DJ Psycho TashDJ Psycho Tash

The legendary DJ isn’t just a musical mastermind. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Journalism as well as a Masters in Public Relations. She now holds title of being among the best DJ’s on the Zambian music scene


The sassy stylists and power blogger duo aren’t just creative geniuses. Lady of Mafashio Sekayi did a BSc in Economics and Finance and Kii, who graduates in October is doing a BA in Law.


The Afro Fusion Jazz musician holds a Bachelor of Arts with Education in Linguistics and Languages with a minor focus on Literature in English. She also pursued law. Fun Fact: apart from being such a talented songstress and radio presenter, she also has her own catering business.

Eleftherios MukukaEleftherios Mukuka

Instead of going the creative route he was actually on track in the first place. El was the first Zambian student to ever be accepted to Berklee College of Music. After he finished varsity he then began working on his music career and soon got signed to a German music label and now he’s on the rise!



Young at heart, beautiful and an amazing singer. The talented pop musician that’s making great strides in the nation, studied a Double major in Library Information Studies and Development Studies at UNZA and now devotes her time to focusing on empowering young people and enhancing learning through JUMP, her music as well as the New Era Youth Magazine movement.


Radio presenter, musician and writer. The always inspiring, enthusiastic, fun and hardworking Zillah is currently studying special needs psychology at the University of Zambia. Her strong passion and interest in children is the driving force behind her career choice. As she continues her music journey, she one day sees herself working full time in her area of expertise and hopes to keep excelling at being a multi tasker.

These are but a few off the huge list of celebrities that have made it a point to highlight the importance of Education. We all go down different paths in life but what’s most important is that you’re doing what you love and what you’re passionate about, regardless of what it took to get there. The Zambian creative industry is jam packed with many professionals that went ahead and walked the talk.

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