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Zambian Fitness Barbie serving some hot sauce in pictures

Zambian Fitness Barbie serving some hot sauce in pictures that we can’t seem to get enough of. Her name is Sarah Chibwe but we know her on Instagram as Xarah57 and she knows how to serve some hot sauce…

Sarah Chibwe aka Xarah57
Don’t you get caught in the hype, that’s when they turn off your lights

She is always serving us some interesting fashion goals and she is one of Zambia’s best fashionista… I wonder, whats her shopping secret? I am sure that is the question most women want answered. We will surely ask her the next time we meet her.

Keep up the faith Never let off of the breaks

Always with a smile on her face, we can never get enough of Xarah57. Her fans seems to want even more from the fitness barbie…

Sarah Chibwe aka Xarah57
Never get too low or get too high

Sarah Chibwe is definitely going places and she is becoming more and more popular… We wish her all the best in all that she does..

Some dose of vitamin sea

This Zambian Fitness Barbie definitely knows how to serve some interesting hot sauce…

In Other News – Pictures of Iris Kaingu and friends in tight work suits will leave you asking for more

Fashion Goals is when someone looks good in whatever they wear. We saw Iris Kaingu showing us her work earlier at the Zambezi River Park but what we didn’t imagine was seeing her rocking a work suit.

Iris Kaingu and friends in work suits

To make it all interesting, it wasn’t just Iris Kaingu who was slaying in the work suit…. her beautiful sisters and friends were also with her. These included Tamara-Ndelitungapo, Mutinta and Lungowe Kaingu… to mention just a few.

Iris Kaingu and friends in work suits

It was like its a fashion show in the Zambezi valley park except the fact that the models were wearing work suits and gumshoes… They still looked amazing! See More Pictures of Iris…

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