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Zambian gospel artist Christine gets innovative with selling her music

Gospel artist Christine gets innovative, sells album in a flash

Zambian gospel artist Christine has become the first one to package her music in a memory stick and sell it instead of using the traditional way if a compact disc.

A picture seen on social media by a local publicatin, the artist packaged her music well to move with technology.

A lot of people are getting away from using compact discs and Christine’s idea is timely.

In Other News: Archbishop Mpundu labels PF leaders cry babies

Controversial Catholic Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has said the Church cannot speak on behalf of PF members because they have a voice of their own.
He has also accused the PF leaders of being cry babies.Archbishop-Mpundu

Speaking on Diamond TV’s National Matters with Costa last night, Archbishop Mpundu said PF were in government recently and must…learn more

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