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Zambian govt has failed to resuscitate TAZARA – union

THE CREWS and Allied Workers Union of Zambia has called on the government to seriously consider concessions Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority.

CRAWUZ president Bevis Silumbe observed that concessioning TAZARA was the only way that would address the operational challenges facing the railway company.

“Just two years ago we were commemorating 40 years of the existence of TAZARA. But the performance of the company has been going down every year. At some point the Zambian and Tanzanian governments agreed to take up the responsibility of paying workers’ salaries, and the Tanzanian government has been paying TAZARA workers that side on time; while the Zambian government has been failing to honour its obligation in this regard,” Silumbe explained.

“Clearly, the Zambian government has proved that it has failed to resuscitate TAZARA. Therefore, concessioning TAZARA is the only way that will address the numerous operational challenges that TAZARA is currently facing. It is therefore, only prudent for the Zambian government to seriously consider concessioning this railway company.”

He disclosed that the government allocated funds towards the concessioning of TAZARA, and wondered why nothing to date was being done.

“We are also aware during the presentation of the 2018 national budget in Parliament, the Minister of Finance then indicated that the government had allocated money that would go towards the concessioning of TAZARA. But we are wondering why nothing is being done up to date. Do we need to wait for another 40 years for the concessioning to take place? It is not a secret that almost all TAZARA workers are for the idea of concession,” said Silumbe.

source: themast

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