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Zambian in Sweden sentenced to 14 years for sleeping with his own daughters

Zambian in Sweden sentenced to 14 years for sleeping with his own daughters

45 year old Sraj Umar Banda from Zambia was hailed as a fantastic multicultural venture by the state-owned mining company LKAB – but at the same time he committed hundreds of systematic abuses of his daughters which consisted of oral, vaginal and anal rapes that began when the daughters were eleven and twelve years old.

One of the daughters was forced to have two abortions after she became pregnant.

Banda has now been sentenced to a maximum of 14 years in prison.

The extremely serious and extensive crimes were discovered at the beginning of the year when one of the girls, now in her late teens, started telling friends and then the social services about the abuse she and her sister had been subjected to for several years.

The perpetrator in question is their father, the 45-year-old immigrant Sraj Umar Banda who moved to Sweden from Zambia because he was granted state money to do a doctorate in rock mechanics at Luleå University of Technology.

He then came to work for the state mining company LKAB in Svappavaara, where he was hailed as a fantastic multicultural venture.Zambian in Sweden sentenced to 14 years for sleeping with his own daughters

But even when he was arrested, he could admit in the first interrogations that he had raped the two sisters since they were eleven and twelve years old and that there were so many rapes that he could not even state a clear number himself.

“I’m not here to save my own skin, but I admit the damage I caused,” he said in the first police interrogation.

Now the incestuous child rapist has been sentenced to the highest possible punishment for the systematic rapes of his own daughters.

Hundreds of brutal rapes – one of the girls was forced into two abortions.

The abuse lasted between 2013 and until this spring.

For one girl, it is from the time she was 11 until she was 14 years old and according to Banda herself has touched “almost 100 intercourses”.

The other girl was exposed when she was twelve years old and several years ahead and, according to Banda, was about “well over 100 intercourses”.

Estimates that according to the girls themselves are the tip of the iceberg of rapes that have occurred several times a week.

According to one of the girls, she remembered how the first rape took place:

“He was naked and I was scared, he closed the door and closed it again so no one would see. I tried to stop him, I shouted at him, kind of stop. I knew what [he] was going to do. He took Vaseline on my vagina and on his penis. It hurt and blood came.”

But Banda not only contented herself with raping one of the girls but also started raping her sister.

Sometimes he forced himself on both of them at the same time as they lay next to each other in one of the beds in the home.

He also took pictures and filmed his rapes and assaults – materials that became important evidence in the trial.