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Zambians angry about K20 Mahule Post

Out of interest yesterday we shared places and prices that mahule are charging in and around Lusaka and this has had a negative effect on most Zambians. While some Zambian casanovas were impressed with the research and the accuracy of the prices, most women and other men felt the article was offensive.

Some even went as far as to attack the researcher using WhatsApp and comments and as a Christian nation, we understand their anger. But the fact remains we still have Mahules among us and they are forced into this situation by different factors.

So nomatter how much we don’t like talking about it, there needs to be a proper solution to the problem of mahule in Zambia. I guess with the new Government in place we will see new jobs being created and more opportunities for young Zambians. This in turn will mean the young ladies will be empowered and will make something with their lives.

In Case you missed it, here is the post that angered most Zambians…

Mahule Top Places and Charges – Kabwata from Only K20

Lockdown came in with many changes but some things still stayed the same. Lusaka is still top when it comes to the ladies of the night (mahule). Below is a list of where these famous ladies operate from and the price range of what they charge.

Mahule in Lusaka and other prices charge these prices and are found mostly in these areas.

See full list below:

Katete( chawama)- K10 to K20

Mukupa ( city market) -K10 to K20….. READ MORE

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