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Zambians are aware of whats going on and do not need inciting- Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has denied having incited people on the Copperbelt to riot over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO to Chinese Nationals.

Mr. Hichilema said the people of Zambia are aware of what is going on in the country such as the sale of ZNBC and the Natural Resources Development College and the rampant corruption in road construction and do not need to be incited to riot.

Speaking during a Hot FM Breakfast show on Wednesday morning, Mr. Hichilema said blaming him for the fall of the Kwacha against the US dollar, delayed rains, University students’ situation and many other challenges facing the nation is not a solution to the problems.

“You had Mwakalombe on that Radio yesterday saying Hakainde incited the riots that is not true, I did not incite anybody to riot. If you check the social media, before I went on SUN FM there were already issues in ZAFFICO”, Mr. Hichilema said.

He added that he has no power to incite anyone to riot at ZAFFICO and emphasised on the need for the Media to have their facts right before accusing anyone of issuing certain statements.

Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe on Tuesday accused Mr. Hichilema of causing the riots that broke out in Kalulushi and Kitwe over the sale of ZAFFICO.

Mr. Mwakalombe said Mr Hichilema caused the riots by allegedly inciting the people of the Copperbelt to demonstrate.

He said Mr. Hichilema made some allegations on privately run SUN FM based in Ndola that government had sold ZAFFICO the same way it sold ZNBC.

source: lusakatimes