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Zambians are cautioned against participating in fraudulent financial schemes

CHARITY MWENYA, an analyst for licensing and enforcement at the Bank of Zambia (BoZ), claims that thousands of Zambians have fallen victim to fraudulent financial schemes.

Ms. MWENYA warned that investments in unlawful financial schemes are very risky when BoZ Governor DENNY KALYALYA visited the Bank’s booth at the 94th Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka today.

She has urged Zambians to avoid making investments in projects that are not authorized by the Central Bank.

In the meantime, Dr. KALYALYA has advised the populace to exercise caution and avoid being duped by con artists.

And Dr. KALYALYA claimed that a lot of investors are interested in the nation but need the debt problem to be fixed before they make a decision.

He predicted that after the debt crisis is overcome, the nation will attract a lot of international investors.

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