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Zambia’s Best Labor Practices Are Recognized by ILO

Zambia has received praise from the International Labor Organization (ILO) for putting some of the best labor standards into effect in the nation’s employment sector.

Zambia is already implementing social protection, the agenda for decent work, and developing job possibilities for decent work, among other things, and this has satisfied CYNTHIA OLONJUWON, the ILO’s regional director general for Africa.

Ms. OLONJUWON continues by noting the significant contributions Zambia has made in the past to aiding the region in achieving its long-awaited emancipation.

She has also revealed that the upcoming ILO Africa retreat will discuss issues relating to the continent’s labor force and make sure that only the finest practices are used for the benefit of the region.

When Ms. OLONJUWON visited today’s Labour and Social Security Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA at her office, she was speaking.

Assuring the ILO Regional Director General for Africa that Zambia is still dedicated to promoting good practices is Mrs. TAMBATAMBA

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