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Zambia’s political prost!tutes exposed


A prostitute is a person, typically a wh0re; man or woman, who engages in s_exual activity for payment.

In the same fashion, political prostitutes or whores are men and women who misuse their talents or sacrifice their self-respect for the sake of personal or financial gain.

Thus, political prostitutes are careerist prostitutes.

As we move towards elections, we will have an increase in political prostitution.

This is because political prostitution like s_ex work has seasons when the business is busy and slow.

And elections time is one season when political prost!tution is profitable.

Political prostitutes know that political parties especially the party in government has money to dish out to anyone willing to provide perverted services to them in return for payment.

This explains why we have many men and women voluntarily offering their services to engage in character assassination of innocent people for financial gain.

They have no qualms about engaging in a deliberate effort to damage the good standing of any person seen as their paymaster’s rival or competitor.

We, therefore, need to brace ourselves for unprecedented political prost!tution carried out on several television and radio programmes to maliciously slander political prostitutes paymasters’ political competitors.

They have no remorse whatsoever to sell their value to tarnish others’ reputations through lies to create an untrue picture of others.

In their desperate effort to reap from the elections season when money is flying around like dust in the dry season, they defame innocent people with impunity.

Regrettably, political prost!tutes include the so called men and women of God and leaders of non-governmental organizations.

They compete in putting their talents to an unworthy use for money.

They have no shame to prostitute themselves to the worst instincts of the electorate because they have no sound political ideologies and neither is their abusers.

Therefore, they cannot see a need to be consistent to any form of political system of sane ideas the hallmark of a politic.

Political prostitutes are like pied crows “mwankoles” ready to get politically dirty for dirty money.

Deliberately, they debase themselves for money because they have no consciences.

Their moral sense of right and wrong is not only rotten but dead.

As a result, they have nothing to guide their political behaviour.

Until we vote for sound leadership, political prostitution will be a way of life in this country, and archaic politics of personal-attack, aspersion, smear campaign, calumny, scandal, vilification and libel will be a deep-seated culture.

Abash political prost!tutes! And abash political prost!tution!

On 12th August 2021, vote wisely to bring back political sanity to our great nation.

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