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“Zambia’s Reputation In Global Affairs”

"Zambia's Reputation A Bedrock For Participation In Global Affairs"

Zambia’s reputation as a peaceful and forward-thinking country, according to CHOLA MILAMBO, Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, should serve as the cornerstone for increasing participation in international affairs.

According to Dr. MILAMBO, Zambian nationals can take advantage of the positive sentiment toward the nation to look for employment possibilities in multilateral organizations like the United Nations.

According to Ambassador MILAMBO, Zambia has a unique position in the world, which should inspire people to look for chances in international organizations.

When Colonel ANTHONY KABUNGO and Colonel MWAMBA MUNDUBILE’s tour of duty at the United Nations Headquarters as Legal officers in the office of Peace Operations came to an end, Dr. MILAMBO said this at the Zambian Mission to the United Nations in New York. He also hosted a special lunch to say goodbye to them.

The Zambian government sent the pair as a pair to the UN.

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