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ZANACO closes Kafue Branch due to COVID-19 fears after Manager died of the the disease

The Zambia National Commercial Bank – Zanaco says the second person to die of Coronavirus was its former branch manager for Kafue.

Zanaco Human Resource Officer Mumbi Mwila says some bank officials had contact with the late manager’s caregiver when she visited the bank.

Zanaco says it has since closed Kafue branch and all employees at that branch are being tested.

ZWD comment: apart from the bank officials, how many other people did the caregiver come into close contact with on her way and back the bank and other trips to other places she took? We thought someone said when a person tests positive, the ministry rounds up all people that maybe have come into close contact with?

Zanaco Employees exposed to Coronavirus

In More News – COVID-19: Should you use a bandana or a scarf as a face mask when you go out?

COVID-19: Should you use a bandana or a scarf as a face mask when you go out? While face masks were not initially a part of COVID-19 prevention strategies, experts now believe they could play a role in reducing disease transmission by preventing asymptomatic carriers from spreading the disease, discouraging people from touching their faces, and reminding people to continue to practice social distancing and hand hygiene.

As cases of novel coronavirus continue to rise across the U.S., public health are finally beginning to urge people to wear fabric face masks in public when leaving the house for essential activities.

If you don’t have a fabric mask on hand, you might be wondering if a bandana or scarf will suffice. The answer: Yes, but there are a few caveats. (ICYWW, there’s also a cottage industry of fabric face masks on Etsy, and patterns for face masks appearing all over social media right now.) See More

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