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Zed farmer issues a statement after being attacked by 2 unknown men

Zed farmer

It’s a very good morning.

I would firstly like to thank everyone who wrote, called and wished me well after my attack on my car. With this said, it has come to my knowledge that my life is in danger simply for working hard, inspiring people, and building smaller farmers.

The two gentlemen who attacked me last night were driving a grey Corolla with a fake number plate. BAT 9358.

Security measures have been put in place so that I am fully protected. But Jehovah is the ultimate protector and he protected me last night.

I will now take a break from social media indefinitely. If you have to contact me, my numbers are on this page and you can do so via WhatsApp.

Thank you for being such great consistent partners and I will miss you but I promise to be back when the time is right.

For now, my family needs me to be alive and safe. Love you all and remember that farming is one of the key contributors to the success of this nation.
Be blessed

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