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ZICTA to Deactivate SIM Cards used for Fraudulent Activities

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority -ZICTA- says it will on Monday January 24, start the process of deactivating fraudulent and non-compliant SIM Cards due to rising cases of cyber crime.

ZICTA Acting Communications Manager HANFORD CHAABA says the Authority has identified SIM Cards that are suspected to have been fraudulently registered or registered in violation of Statutory Instrument number 65 and the SIM Card Directives.

Mr CHAABA says ZICTA has also noted a rampant possession and use of fraudulently registered or pre-registered SIM cards by some members of the public.

He disclosed that scammers are sending unsolicited messages to members of the public using the SMS platform by using fraudulently registered SIM cards, a situation that compromises the safety of other users of electronic communication services.

In a statement, Mr CHAABA said despite the ZICTA 2019 SIM directives issued in line with the ICT Regulations and S.I No 65 of 2011 aimed at mitigating SIM Card associated fraud, there is minimum adherence to the directives by mobile network operators and sellers of SIM Cards.

He has since urged members of the public to regularize their SIM Cards with their service providers SSD Codes or visit nearest Service Centers with the National Identity Card within 7 days from Monday or risk having their SIM Cards deactivated.

Source – ZNBC

In Other News – Mansa Woman Explains Why She Allowed Her Brother In-law To Impregnate Her

A 28-year-old woman of Mansa has told the court that she allowed the young brother to her husband to impregnate her twice in 5 years because her husband is not fertile. Speaking in court last Friday, Felistus Chanda a teacher by profession (though not yet deployed) said since she got married in 2016, her husband Rick Kapambwe 32, failed to make her pregnant forcing his relatives to advise her to sleep with his young brother Rocky Kapambwe 26, to have children on his behalf of which she agreed because her man was crying for children.

This is in a matter in which Felistus a Mansa woman in Luapula sued her hubby a farmer for divorce on grounds that he is demanding for more children when he is infertile.

“I love my husband but the problem is that he is forcing me to have a 3rd child when himself is infertile. He knows this because doctors examined us both in 2018 and he was found infertile and that’s how his close relatives encouraged me to start sleeping with his young brother whom I was keeping and despite being younger than me, he managed to sleep with me 84 times and gave me 2 children in 5 years. Read More

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