Zodwa Lite parades the streets wearing only body paint

Another Zodwa wannabe is parading the streets of Mzansi wearing nothing but body paint. A video of this unknown lady is trending on Twitter. In the video the lady shows off her body as the public just films in shock.

This one is not even shy and goes closer to spectators so that they can really see the paint she has on. What is shocking is that this woman does not even have one piece of clothing on her. The rate women are showing their privates is alarming.

Fame has pushed women to go to the extremes. It seems they can now do anything for clout as long as it helps them trend and be famous. We see this everyday on social media that girls flashing and shaking their buns get more attention and likes compared to those who do not.

As a result the girl; child is put under a lot of pressure and she wears body paint in public. Likewise the public is shocked but applauds her as she poses for pictures and videos. The motto is now if Zodwa made it then any woman who goes naked can make it.

In Other News: Good news for Skeem Saam viewers as Natasha Thahane makes a come back

Legendary Skeem Saam cast members Natasha Thahane, Nozuko Ncayiyane, Clement Maosa and Oros Mampofu recently got together to entertain their day one fans, after taking on a cover of the Skeem Saam soundtrack performed by Motswako rapper Tuks Senganga.Natasha Thahane

The video was shared by Oros on social media. “Who remembers this squad from SKEEM SAM!??! Feeling nostalgic today looking at...learn more


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