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Videos: Zodwa Wabantu at it again!!!

Zodwa Wabantu is one busy woman these days, trying to keep up with her pressing schedule, you will need some runners. Zodwa is slowly becoming an international sensation. Commanding Fans from Africa and beyond, I bet you shes just getting started.

Let us take a look at what our busy girl has been up to:


One notable and surprising thing we recently discovered is Zodwa is exploring other talents…boxing is what she fancy’s now. Say goodbye to the pantyless days…Jokes, We have no intel on whether she is now wearing panties but what we do know is she has been trying out some boxing. Check out the pics and video below

Did you know I was fighting this life thing from an Early Age of 16 years old in the Streets,so I know very well…….


I always have a Chair in the Ring,Born with it.


We are not sure if she has enrolled for a masters or degree program, what we are really sure of is she was spotted at Walter Sisulu University. Some sources, however, speculated that she was the one giving a Lecture. Whatever the case it was a LIT event check out the videos below.

Another one…


Lastly, Zodwa was spotted floating above the crowd as the fans carried her like a rockstar, it must have been an awesome feeling. She said “I was Flying with my people” – Zodwa

Check her out at Blue Roof Hatfield.




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