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Zodwa Wabantu dancing with bae, video goes viral

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu dancing with bae, video goes viral. She is the drama queen, she loves her life now and she is definitely loving her relationship too. Recently she has been gushing over her boyfriend, she even went as far as commenting and applauding him in bed. Yes, she spoke about her s.e.x life and she is happy.

The two clearly can’t keep their hands to themselves and are very much in love, most of all there are not afraid to show off their love. Zodwa Wabantu and bae are our couple goals today as we feel these two are always there for one another.Zodwa Wabantu and bae

The entertainer, who has picked up a few kilos recently shared a picture with her man on Instagram with the caption: S-e-x and happiness makes a woman fat Don’t get it twisted, just because the dancer is with a younger man, it doesn’t mean that she’s a sugar mama who’s financing his lifestyle.

She also dismissed news that she is in love, she said “I am not dating a Ben 10 because I need attention or looking for love. I know what love feels and looks like, that is not what I am after. I am after happiness, being in free space and living my best life.”

Check the video of her and bae having a good time at Eyadini Lounge where she first started her career at: