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Zodwa Wabantu Joins the operating Room to assist with Pen!s Procedure

Zodwa Wabantu

Socialist Zodwa Wabantu is back at it again, and this time she has joined a team of doctors for a pen!s procedure. The media personality has caused a stir on social media, following another video which promoted the aesthetic clinic. In the video shared today, 4 September 2020, the reality star showcased the clinic hard at work on a gentleman who was having his goods improved.

Zodwa was seen watching over as the doctor conducted a medical procedure which was titled, “Pen!s Rough Rider Rejuvenation”. According to the star, the gentleman was attempting to get a “lunch bar penis”. Say what?!

Zodwa Wabantu

Whilst the content didn’t come as a surprise to her fans, many were taken back by the fact that she was allowed into the operating room. In addition to the non-compliance, Zodwa was seen not wearing a face mask, which goes against the rules and regulations of the lockdown, as well as the regulations of an operation theatre.

Zodwa has been called out before for her choice to not comply with the lockdown rules, as she was seen vacationing and meeting with people when most of South Africa was in quarantine. She has also opted to leave the mask behind on multiple occasions, which have caused fans to worry about her safety and the safety of others.

The media star has consistently promoted unique procedures at Herwood Medical Centre, and most recently underwent a vaginal rejuvenation, which she claimed was in preparation of her upcoming intimate activities with her next boyfriend. Zodwa has also partaken in raunchy skits which saw her pretending to be unsatisfied with the performance of her partner.

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