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Zola Nombona talks about her character on LockDown

Zola Nombona

Mzansi’s much-anticipated prison drama series, LockDown season five is set to hit our TV screens on the 30th of January and viewers are waiting with bated breath for this thrilling drama series to premiere. Known for its cliffhangers, plot twists and emotional roller-coaster, the series is set to leave viewers sitting on the edge of their seats and begging for more.

Zola Nombona

The fast-paced drama tells a story of inmates who battle with all the hurdles and demons that land them in the fictional Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Facility. Their fascinating backstories leave you enthralled as they unravel the paths that led them into prison.

Zola Nombona, who portrays the character of Monde (a gorgeous celebrity who is apprehended for possession of her boyfriend’s cocaine) gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect from her thrilling character this season.

On the star-studded show, she navigates around getting out of the prison cells by seducing the prisoner’s governor’s son to give her information to put her plan in motion, but her plain hits a rock button as she is busted.

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