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ZRA issue statement on striking clearing agents


Out of four clearing associations in Zambia, one associate with the lowest membership and with some members whose licenses have either been suspended or revoked for smuggling are against ZRA automation of their business with importers.

In a statement issued last night, the Commissioner-General said he will not succumb to smugglers and imposters.

“We will not legitimize smuggling. ZRA modernization agenda which started in 2016 is about digitalization and automation of all our manual processes in order to enhance revenue and minimize leakages. Nothing will stand in our way and stop us from collecting legitimate government revenue.

At the moment Zambia has 4 registered clearing associations and only one with the lowest membership is against our efforts to improve tax compliance. The majority are supportive.

Bruce Kaemba who is the ring leader has no clearing company. His company Fedro Cargo was suspended over 7 months ago for alleged involvement in transit fraud and smuggling. So he is basically fighting his own battle and riding on the ignorance of few agents. Those agents who will follow him risk having their licenses revoked.

I have since directed my legal team to start the process of stopping our recognition of this clearing association for disrupting the smooth operations of our borders which is tantamount to economic sabotage. We will not tolerate anarchy and illicit political activities in the clearing industry.”

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