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ZRA unearthes K2.6 million smuggling scam

THE Zambia Revenue Authority( ZRA) has exhumed a fiddle
used by importers to smuggle alcohol into the country by concealing it under coal.

This discovery comes after ZRA interdicted two exchanges in Kazungula carrying,202 cases of varied alcoholic drinks, 11 loose bottles concealed under coal forfeitures.
The seized particulars could have led to a loss of over K2.6 million if not interdicted.

The separate exchanges had Customs concurrence documents pertaining to entrustments of coal forfeitures, which was visible on first sight, but no protestation was raised for the concealed alcohol.
An alert ZRA Customs officer took interest in vindicating that the truck was indeed carrying coal only but discovered that there was further than what was declared.

It’s apparent that this is an indispensable mode of concealment which was being used to bring in high value/ dutiable goods similar as alcoholic potables as the vessels frequently carry bulk coal from Hwange, Zimbabwe.
ZRA, in collaboration with other government agencies, continues to be watchful to check smuggling of goods and help other profitable crimes.

Taxpayers are thus encouraged to pay their levies and remain biddable with duty laws in order to avoid corrective enforcement measures including execution and penalty of goods.
As an institution, our part is to grease licit trade and so we will continue to engage taxpayers and players in the business sector to insure further compliance. We’re available for discussion on importation of goods or any duty issues through our Call Centre line on 4111.

Smuggling is a serious offence under the Customs & Excise Act. Besides depriving the Government of profit for public investment and services, smuggling distorts request prices thereby stealing original businesses of fair competition. With time, this malpractice leads to the collapse of original diligence.
ZRA is encouraging the public to report suspected cases of smuggling and duty elusion.

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