10 tips that can help you lose weight

Just like you set alarms for waking up every morning or for an important meeting, set alarms for meals as well (just avoid hitting snooze buttons!)

When you eat is as important as what you eat. If you deprive your body of food for a longer time and then munch on a bowl of salad, you are doing nothing good.

Never underestimate the body’s ability to backfire.

1. Eat fibres
Fill on yourself with lots of fibres. These wonder elements of food will not only keep you full for longer duration, they are also good for your gut health. Fibres help maintain the gut microbiome and are great for metabolism. Fibre rich foods are organically grown and are easily available hence you do not have to spend lots of money to buy them.

2. Say no to packaged foods
Though it might be the easiest option for you, make a habit of saying no to processed food. Packaged foods are devoid of healthy nutrients, are not fresh and are prepared in a manner that favours profitability more. Do not make your body prone to such synthetic elements when there are plenty of natural ingredients to feed your body.

3. Don’t just change diet, change lifestyle habits too
Adopting a new diet will never help you to lose weight, if your lifestyle remains the same. Lifestyle factors play a major role in weight management.You can try intermittent fasting, for example, but in order to lose weight in a healthy manner you need to add exercises to your daily routine. You need to keep the body away from toxic habits like smoking and drinking as well.

4. Never exercise without proper training
Exercises, which are heavy and intense, need to be done in gyms. Gym workouts do have a good effect on your body and can help you lose weight comparatively faster. However, you need to enroll yourself in the gym. Do not try heavy workouts at home without any training.

5. Always opt for variations in exercises
If you go to the gym, always do variations. Update your trainer about your health, the progress you have made so far in reducing your weight and ask for a combination of light and heavy workouts that can target almost every muscle group of the lower and the upper body.

6. There’s always a way to deal with hunger pangs
Always try to satisfy your hunger with natural foods like nuts and fruits. Do not get tempted by trying easily available foods like chips or cola. There are several ways to satisfy hunger and only the right way can manage your hunger and your weight both.

7. Count how much natural food you consume in a day
Today we have easy access to processed foods, which do not require any extra effort like peeling or slicing or blending. However, consuming these easy-to-eat foods which are loaded with calories and preservatives snowballs all the adverse effects and gradually hampers the health.Healthy foods eaten in their natural form provides the body with nutrients and fibres.

8. Always keep your body busy in low-impact exercises
You do not have to go to the gym to be fit and healthy. Doing low-impact exercises like walking, jogging and running for 150 minutes a week can help you lose weight gradually.

9. Sleep for minimum 7 hours
Sleep is extremely important for the body. But due to the interference of technology in our lives we do not mind cutting down our sleeping hours. Health experts say less sleep increases the risk of obesity. An adult should sleep for atleast 7 hours a day.

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